Clinical Sample Analysis

The members of our scientific staff have extensive experience in transferring and developing methods efficiently and expeditiously. In many cases, they get involved at the start of the nonclinical program and stay on through testing, collaborating as part of the clinical study team. This approach results in robust and reliable methods for clinical sample analysis, which, when combined with data management and data transfer expertise, enables us to produce high-quality, on-time clinical data to support drug approval, and to help you effectively make sound go/no-go decisions.

Therapeutic areas in which Charles River has supported clinical trials (percent of samples analyzed for each therapeutic area)

pie chart showing percentages of clinical samples analyzed for various therapeutic areas

    Biological samples are key components of clinical studies that provide important information on the toxicity, pharmacokinetics and/or efficacy of a new drug. They also often provide critical data on the new drug’s market potential.

    To support your clinical program, we offer customized clinical sample kits. We have over 40 years of experience in sample management and kit assembly for Phase I to III clinical trials worldwide. Our kits are specifically designed to facilitate the collection, shipment and storage of your samples.

    Steps involved in clinical sample analysis