Drug Distribution to Tissues

Charles River designs and conducts GLP-compliant quantitative whole-body autoradiography (QWBA) programs integrated with our preclinical drug metabolism services. In addition to providing a quantitative measure of distribution, the high-resolution digital image obtained from a phosphorimager can be enlarged to provide greater depth and detail of distribution in the tissues or organ of interest.

QWBA Applications

  • Tissue distribution
  • Target organ/tissue validation
  • Correlation with histopathology
  • Placental transfer
  • Penetration of blood-brain barrier
  • Tumor penetration
  • Support of micronucleus test
  • Human dosimetry calculations
  • Dermal/ungual penetration

MALDI-MSI (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging) provides a label-free imaging alternative for the detection and localization of drugs and drug metabolites. Ideally suited to assessing the intra-organ distribution of drugs (and metabolites), MALDI-MSI can be successfully adapted to provide whole-body images in small rodent species. Furthermore, using proprietary software, quantitative data can be produced.

Isotope Detection

  • Carbon-14
  • Gadolinium-153
  • Iodine-125
  • Phosphorus-32
  • Strontium-89
  • Sulfur-35
  • Iron-59
  • Tritium
  • Other beta or gamma emitters