Molecular Biology Services

Charles River performs a comprehensive array of genomics-based assays to support all phases of drug development, from discovery and preclinical studies through clinical trials, in either singleplex or multiplex formats.

We isolate and purify DNA and RNA from a variety of tissues, body fluids, and cells in culture. Our extraction procedures are optimized to provide the highest quality real-time qPCR results; both quality and yield of extracted nucleic acid samples are assessed prior to being used.

    • Nucleic acid therapeutic assessments
    • Gene expression analysis
    • Cytokine mRNA profiling in immune response
    • Biomarker assessment
    • Real-time quantitative and reverse transcriptase PCR
    • Reporter gene assays
    • Genomic and plasmid DNA isolation
    • Residual mammalian DNA detection by hybridization analysis
    • Assay feasibility, development and validation
    • Biological sample analysis
    • GLP/non-GLP study designs and reporting
    • CYP mRNA induction
    • Ex vivo mRNA profiling in liver
    • Real-time PCR platforms capable of supporting multiple fluorescent chemistries
    • Luminex®-based QuantiGene® system
    • Bioluminescent reporter gene assays
    • Allelic discrimination assays (TaqMan® probe chemistry)