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Do you need additional support for your research program? Our Insourcing Solutions® team offers staffing, training, consulting, and other animal facility support services to help clients optimize their discovery and development programs and allocate their resources appropriately. 

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Insourcing Solutions®

The day-to-day operations of running an animal facility can be stressful. Urgent issues may cross your desk, challenging you to quickly find or replace qualified staff, such as animal technicians, specialists, and scientific professionals. You may also need to quickly provide training courses for your team or face the daunting task of launching a new site or refurbishing a current one. 

No matter what your research requires, Insourcing Solutions® has a solution to help you streamline your operations while saving you time and money. 

  • Staffing and Recruitment

    We can customize a solution to meet your scientific staffing needs, whether you need to fill temporary vacancies or are looking for a partner to manage the entire human resource process. In addition to recruitment and training, we provide performance assessment and career guidance.

  • Classroom and Online Training

    We offer several options for online and in-person training, as well as continued professional development (CPD) for veterinarians, scientists, and lab technicians.

  • Vivarium Design and Planning Support

    Our professional mechanical and electrical engineers can help you plan and design your vivarium for a new or existing facility.

  • Isolators

    Isolators are critical for safeguarding the health and genetic status of your animals. We offer two styles of isolators in three size variations, and also offer custom designs to meet your requirements.

  • Vivarium Rental

    CRADL™ is a full-service turnkey vivarium rental space managed by skilled technicians that allows clients to invest in their research projects instead of infrastructure, without compromising on the quality of their workspace or equipment. Being a CRADL client also comes with access to our complete portfolio of integrated drug discovery resources.

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How Can Insourcing Solutions® Help You?

Whether you are procurement, a facility director, or a manager, we can help support your facility, staff, and research through customized solutions that are integrated into your existing research program and institution. This series of videos showcases the capabilities of our Insourcing Solutions team.

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