GxP-Compliant Archiving Services

Our archiving services and facilities provide short- and long-term GxP-compliant data and sample archiving services in support of preclinical and clinical studies for government and private sector businesses, organizations and consortia.

By archiving with Charles River you get:

  • Expedited retrieval of records for agency/client inspections
  • Site visits and on-site access to Study Directors
  • Full service record keeping from inception to destruction


  • Paper data, records, and reports storage
  • Electronic media storage
  • Microform storage
  • Pathology sample storage(e.g., wet tissues, frozen tissues, paraffin and plastic blocks)
  • Slide storage
  • Test articles storage
  • Medical records storage
  • Vaccine storage
  • Biological samples
  • Radioactive material storage
  • Plasma storage

Facilities & Services

  • Over 500,000 cubic feet of controlled, dedicated space
  • Several layers of security to limit access as well as safeguard essential study materials under GLP conditions
  • Storage conditions include room temperature, refrigerated, frozen at -20°C or -70°C and cryostorage at -196°C
  • Periodic inventory and materials inspections
  • Hard copy transfer to CD
  • Microform printing
  • Pick-up and delivery services for both short-term and long-term storage