A Customizable Lab Space

Modular buildings allow for the rapid construction of a working space that is able to meet and uphold stringent biocontainment and biosecurity requirements. The biosecurity level is maintained by containment and exclusion barriers and the air conditioning system, which can provide negative or positive pressure. Room pressurization can be managed separately.


Biosecure and Portable for Many Uses

Negative Pressurization Positive Pressurization
  • Barrier units
  • Clean areas
  • Lab space
  • Housing of animals with conventional SPF or SOPF health status

Modular buildings are currently available in Europe only.


modular biocontainment unit

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, portable building design
  • Customizable (air conditioning, ventilation, internal fittings, barriers, security, optional fixtures and appliances)
  • Rapid installation
  • Available for purchase or lease