Scientific Staff Recruitment Solutions

Due to the dynamic nature of the drug development process, you may often need additional scientific staffing for some projects. We can help streamline your program by delivering operational and cost-effective solutions through scientific recruitment programs. Our customized options allow you to maintain as much or as little control over your in-house resources, assets, and facilities that you consider strategic and cost efficient. 

Why Use Insourcing Solutions®?

  • Full-time and temporary scientific staffing with thorough background checks and review of animal rights connections
  • Reduce variable costs by up to 20%
  • Access to the entire Charles River portfolio 
  • The ability to scale up or down depending on pipeline needs
  • Maintain as little or as much control as desired (control of key scientific research facilities, assets, and studies performed in-house)
  • Broadened scope of in vivo and laboratory services: GLP and non-GLP support from discovery through safety assessment
  • Strong commitment to animal welfare and the 3Rs: All newly hired scientific staff are trained on the latest programs pertaining to animal welfare
  • Scientific Positions

    Scientific positions we can staff for academia, government, and commercial roles include, but are not limited to:

    • Administrative professionals
    • Animal technicians and caretakers
    • Aquatic specialists
    • Board-certified veterinarians
    • Cagewash and animal husbandry personnel
    • Managers (project, laboratory, animal facility, etc.)
    • Scientists (MS to PhD level)
    • Team leaders and supervisors
    • Transgenic technicians
    • QA and QC specialists
  • Additional Support Services
    • Assistance in the preparation and review of SOPs, program protocols, and other critical documentation
    • Preparing facilities and programs for AAALAC accreditation
    • Quality assurance audits to ensure compliance with relevant internal, regulatory, and industry standards
    • Biosecurity audits and evaluation reports
    • Efficiency learning
    • Assistance with Lean Six Sigma
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What Can Insourcing Solutions® Do for You?

Whether you work in procurement, as a facility director, or a manager, Insourcing Solutions® can help streamline research through customized workplace solutions that are seamlessly integrated into your research program to become an extension of your research facility or institution.


Frequently Asked Questions About Scientific Staffing