Our two kinetic turbidimetric LAL reagents, KTA and KTA2, yield quantitative endotoxin values when used with a microplate reader equipped with endotoxin-measuring software. Both reagents are buffered to provide significant interference-resistance properties and are FDA-licensed for use in product release testing. With KTA and KTA2, you will receive accurate endotoxin results on even your most difficult products in the same amount of time it takes to run a gel-clot assay.


Our traditional kinetic turbidimetric assay (KTA) is suitable for both kinetic and gel-clot analyses and permits a direct correlation between methods.

50-Test Vial (5.2 mL)

SensitivtyProduct Code
0.015 EU/mLR15015
0.03 EU/mLR15003
0.06 EU/mLR15006


KTA2 is a second-generation turbidimetric reagent. It offers faster reaction times and routinely tests to sensitivities of 0.005 EU/ml. Its superior turbidimetric formulation offers the performance of a kinetic chromogenic LAL at a turbidimetric reagent price.

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