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We’ve purposely built our portfolio to bring you progressive products and services that deliver accurate, relevant and reliable data to fuel confident decisions on product quality and contamination control. Our unique combination of Endosafe® endotoxin testing, Celsis® rapid microbial detection, and Accugenix® microbial identification and strain typing keeps your manufacturing operations running efficiently and smoothly, lowers your cost to manufacture and protects your reputation.

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Microbial Solutions

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Replace, Reduce, Refine: Achieving Sustainability in Endotoxin Testing

Reducing the use of animals in pharmaceutical testing is a well-established initiative influencing the industry. The safety and welfare of patients, consumers, and animals throughout the continuum of our scientific advances are undeniable prerequisites to everything we do.

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The Backbone of Product Safety

Patients like Niva fight to improve their quality of life every day with help from the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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How can you ensure regulatory compliance?

In order to comply with federal and international regulatory requirements, you must work with a partner that does the same. Our corporate compliance program assures clients, management, and regulators that our work meets your expectations.

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Using Six Sigma Tools for OOS Investigations

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Learn about the Six Sigma principles and how their use in OOS investigations can lead you to understand your processes better, allow for more efficient OOS investigations, enable you to drive to the true root cause, and ultimately lead to increased patient safety for your products.

Thursday, October 31
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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