Fewer Steps, More Sustainability

What if you could use the most advanced method available for the detection of endotoxins AND comply with the 3Rs principles? Endosafe® cartridge technology employs the most sensitive and specific method in endotoxin testing while meeting your sustainability goals.

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QC lab technician holding an Endosafe endotoxin testing cartridge

QC lab technician performing an endotoxin test on an Endosafe nexgen-PTS utilizing cartridge technology

Endosafe® Rapid Endotoxin Testing Technology

  • Reducing the number of steps performed by your technician with pre-loaded cartridges with all of the reagents required to perform a LAL test
  • Endotoxin testing results in as little as 15 minutes 
  • Cartridges use 95% less LAL than traditional endotoxin tests
  • The biomedical industry, due to the production of LAL,  has driven the development of laws to protect the Horseshoe Crab against its biggest threats of commercial bait fishing and coastal development
  • FDA-licensed Endosafe LAL cartridges are a kinetic chromogenic LAL method as specified in the EP/USP and JP