Microplate Readers for Kinetic LAL Assays

Charles River offers kinetic endotoxin systems that incorporate robust data management with reliable hardware and expert technical support to provide accurate and intuitive data analysis.

Bio-Tek® Kinetic Plate Readers and Accessories Product Code
Bio-Tek® incubating microplate reader (with 340, 405, 450, 490, 620 nm filters) M200
Bio-Tek® reader calibration plate M400
Calibration plate recertification (valid for one year) TS950
Bio-Tek® Bulb M700
Plate Reader Options Product Code
Microplate stand M1000
Marking template for 96-well plate M1100
Annual qualification of reader/software* TS500
Microplate reader IQ/OQ/PQ (document only) TS550
On-site training for reader/software* TS400
Computer package (computer, monitor and printer) MC100
* Travel expense applicable 
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