Rapid Endotoxin Detection

Charles River offers several highly flexible rapid testing platforms to meet the needs of a variety of sample throughput and different lab sizes and configurations. All support the same cartridges for accurate, convenient, and real-time endotoxin testing, glucan concentration determination, and Gram identification. In addition, every system integrates with the Charles River Cortex™ data management software platform, creating a robust, optimally controlled endotoxin testing program. Our rapid test methods allow you to produce results right at the point of sample collection, as well as improve sample management, decrease testing time, and accelerate product production.

Our Endosafe® instruments and cartridge technology are our innovative solution to our customers’ need for higher sensitivity and quicker quantitative results.

technician using Endosafe nexgen-PTS for rapid endotoxin testingEndosafe® nexgen-PTS™ : The Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ is a rapid, point-of-use handheld spectrophotometer that utilizes USP/BET-compliant disposable cartridges for precise, convenient, and real-time endotoxin testing, glucan concentration determination, and Gram identification.

lab technician performing LAL assay with nexgen-MCS™ instrumentEndosafe® nexgen-MCS™: This multi-cartridge benchtop instrument addresses the need for higher sample throughput while utilizing the same FDA-licensed LAL cartridge technology as the Endosafe® nexgen-PTS. The Endosafe® nexgen-MCS™ is proficient at concurrently testing up to five samples within 15 minutes for rapid, quantitative, and accurate endotoxin results.

Endosafe-Nexus robotic endotoxin testing systemEndosafe® Nexus™: The Endosafe® Nexus™ delivers rapid, quantitative results in a low-maintenance, high-precision package as the first fully automated robotic system which eliminates high-volume testing variables and unlocks the full potential of our Endosafe® cartridge technology.

kinetic plate reader for endotoxin testingBioTek® Plate Readers: We are able to provide an exceptional level of support for BioTek® plate readers due to our partnership with BioTek®. In addition to selling the BioTek® ELX808IU™ reader, our technical support department qualifies the instrument for compatibility with Endoscan-V™ software and the LAL test.

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