BioTek® Plate Readers & Support

Our partnership with BioTek® allows for a superior level of support for BioTek® plate readers. In addition to selling the BioTek® ELX808IU™ reader, our technical support team qualifies the instrument for compatibility with Endoscan-V™ software and the LAL test. This service provides a smooth transition for replacing or implementing a BioTek® plate reader for BET testing. Our onsite annual qualification of the BioTek® reader and software provides the assurance that the plate reader is operating correctly and fulfills the preventative maintenance requirements recommended by Charles River.

BioTek® Plate Readers & Accessories Product Code
BioTek® incubating microplate reader (with 340, 405, 450, 490, 620 nm filters) M200
BioTek® reader calibration plate M400
Calibration plate recertification (valid for one year) TS950
BioTek® Bulb M700
Plate Reader Options Product Code
Microplate stand M1000
Marking template for 96-well plate M1100
Annual qualification of reader/software* TS500
Microplate reader IQ/OQ/PQ (document only) TS550
On-site training for reader/software* TS400
Computer package (computer, monitor and printer) MC100
* Travel expense applicable 
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