Efficiency and Safety in Endotoxin Testing

We understand during this time releasing your product quickly is more important than ever. We’re here to support you in delivering your products faster while keeping your patients safe with rapid endotoxin testing.


Vial of kinetic turbidimetric LAL reagent water for a reliable and accurate LAL assay

Endosafe® Rapid Testing Technology

Providing efficiency and safety in endotoxin testing with Endosafe® cartridge technology

  • Endotoxin testing results in as little as 15 minutes 
  • Pre-loaded cartridges with all of the reagents required to perform a LAL test, eliminating preparation of multiple reagents and reducing the opportunity for technician error 
  • FDA-licensed Endosafe® LAL cartridges are a kinetic chromogenic LAL method as specified in the EP/USP and JP 

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Endosafe lal manufacturing gowned technician working with pipette in flow hood

The Reality of Recombinant Endotoxin Technologies

In late 2019, we presented our initial LAL and recombinant study data from global pharmaceutical organizations’ water samples. After a careful analysis of the data, we conducted a second, larger study with hundreds of global water samples evaluating the ruggedness, repeatability, and specificity of commercially available recombinant factor C products, as well as our own recombinant product in development, against a large panel of endotoxins.

View our webinar to explore these results and learn where recombinant products stacked up against LAL when it comes specificity and non-inferiority.

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