Gel-Clot LAL Reagents & Endpoint Chromogenic LAL Kit

Endosafe® Rapid LAL Single-Test Vials contain gel-clot LAL to provide a simple, self-contained option for routine endotoxin detection in research samples, renal dialysis process water and dialysate solutions.

Product Sensitivity EU/mL Code
50-test vial (5.2 mL) 0.015 R15015
0.03 R15003
0.06 R15006
0.125 R11012
0.25 R11025
10-test vial (1.2 mL) 0.03 R12003
0.06 R12006
0.125 R12012
0.25 R12025
Product Sensitivity EU/mL Code
Gel-Clot LAL Single-Test Vial (0.2 mL) 0.03 R13003
0.06 R13006
0.125 R13012
0.25 R13025
Rapid single-test vial (50-test) 0.06 or 0.25 R13500
0.25 or 1 R13600
Rapid positive product control (50-test)   PC200

Endpoint Chromogenic Reagent

Endpoint chromogenic reagent is a non-kinetic LAL assay that yields quantitative results quickly over a narrow standard curve range, without the need for an incubating plate reader. For many applications, the Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ offers advantages of speed and convenience to the endpoint user.

Product Code
Endpoint Chromogenic Kit - 140 tests R160