Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Test Reagents

Endochrome-K™, our kinetic chromogenic assay (KCA) facilitates your endotoxin screening with its ease of use and unique reagent stability. Featuring an optimized 0.001 EU/mL limit of detection formulation, our KCA provides increased sensitivity, greater linearity and superior interference resistance. Endochrome-K™ delivers quantitative endotoxin values in roughly an hour, and its use of reconstituted LAL allows for extended bench time and reuse, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

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Cartridge, Kinetic, or Gel-Clot?

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  • Product Codes
    Product Code
    Endochrome-K™ kit - 256 tests
    (sensitivity= 50-0.005 EU/ml)
    8 X 3.2 ml vials
    2 X 10 ng control standard endotoxin
    3 X 30 ml LAL reagent water
    Endochrome-K™ vial pack - 320 tests
    (sensitivity= 50-0.005 EU/ml)
    10 X 3.2 ml vials
    Endochrome-K™ bulk pack - 3,200 tests
    (sensitivity= 50-0.005 EU/ml)
    100 X 3.2 ml vials
    Endpoint chromogenic kit (140 tests)
    5 × 1.4 mL vials of chromogenic LAL
    1 × 10 mg vial of chromogenic substrate S-2423
    2 × 2 ng vials of endotoxin
    2 × 30 mL vials of LAL reagent water
    1 × 15 mL 0.05 M vial of Tris buffer