Traditional Kinetic Chromogenic Assay Reagents

Endochrome-K™, our traditional LAL kinetic chromogenic assay (KCA) facilitates your endotoxin screening with its ease of use and unique reagent stability. Featuring an optimized 0.005 EU/mL sensitivity*, our traditional kinetic chromogenic assay reagent provides heightened sensitivity for more accurate results, greater linearity for endotoxin analyses, and superior interference resistance. Our traditional LAL kinetic chromogenic reagent is designed to enhance your kinetic chromogenic assay and rapidly deliver accurate results.

*Lower sensitivity lots available on request, reach out to your local representative if you require a more sensitive lysate.

Technician performing assay for host cell proteins (HCPs) in a lab.

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  • Endosafe® Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Reagents
    Product Code
    Endochrome-K™ kit - 256 tests
    (sensitivity= 50-0.005 EU/ml)
    8 X 3.2 mL vials
    2 X 10 ng control standard endotoxin
    3 X 30 mL LAL reagent water
    Endochrome-K™ vial pack - 320 tests
    (sensitivity= 50-0.005 EU/ml)
    10 X 3.2 mL vials
    Endochrome-K™ bulk pack - 3,200 tests
    (sensitivity= 50-0.005 EU/ml)
    100 X 3.2 mL vials
    Endpoint chromogenic kit (140 tests)
    5 × 1.4 mL vials of chromogenic LAL
    1 × 10 mg vial of chromogenic substrate S-2423
    2 × 2 ng vials of endotoxin
    2 × 30 mL vials of LAL reagent water
    1 × 15 mL 0.05 M vial of Tris buffer

We've developed and optimized a range of quantitative and qualitative LAL formulations providing an unrivaled combination of sensitivity, linearity, and interference resistance. Find out more about Charles River's kinetic turbidimetric LAL and our other bacterial endotoxin testing solutions. 

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