The Purple House Movement: Mobile Lifesaving Dialysis Treatment

Supporting Portable, Real-time Bacterial Endotoxin Testing for Remote Communities

The Celsis Accel™ allows small batches to be tested for quality control in your QC laboratory.

The World's Silent Epidemic

Over 10% of the global population is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD), and millions lose their life each year because they do not have access to treatment. As dialysis treatments come directly in contact with the human blood stream, dialysate and dialysis water testing for bacterial endotoxins is essential to patient safety. If certain levels of bacterial endotoxin contamination occur, exposure can result in pyrogenic reactions, including fever, sepsis, and resistance to recombinant human erythropoietin, threatening the health of a hemodialysis patient.



The Celsis Accel™ allows small batches to be tested for quality control in your QC laboratory.

Where the Story Begins

When the Pintupi people of the Western Desert of Central Australia decided to take control of their health, the Purple House Organization was born. By establishing both a central dialysis clinic and a mobile dialysis facility, they ensured that local patients suffering from renal failure would not have to travel hours to receive critical treatment, and could reconnect with their families and their country. A community spirit, dedicated staff, and cutting-edge portable technologies keep patients where they need to be – at home with their families.



Our Challenge

"In the Northern Territory of Australia, indigenous people are up to 25 times more likely to suffer from chronic kidney disease than non-indigenous people. After fighting so hard to re-establish their communities, people were desperate not to be forced far from their families and country with no hope of going home." – Jeremy White, Managing Director, Charles River

Purple House's Challenge

"The water in remote communities nearly always comes from a bore and is then stored in a tank. One of the biggest risks with having a tank out in the sun is that it will grow bacteria. When you have bacteria in the water, it needs to be removed, so we work very hard to remove as much bacteria, salt, and heat out of the water as we can so that it’s safe to prepare for dialysis." – Michael Smith, Biomedical Engineer, Purple House


The Solution

"The difficulty with remote water testing is that once you’ve got a water sample, you have to keep it cold while transporting the sample from the water testing site to the endotoxin testing facility. By us having our own Endosafe® PTS™ machine for bacterial endotoxin testing, we were able to test samples when we needed to.” – Megan Neil, Dialysis Operations Manager, Purple House



The Celsis Accel™ allows small batches to be tested for quality control in your QC laboratory.

A Winning Partnership

Patients trust therapies, like their dialysis treatments, to be administered safely. Their lives depend on precision and sensitivity in your quality control testing procedures. We offer comprehensive bacterial endotoxin detection instruments and services to dialysis facilities to help improve the safety and quality of the water used in dialysis treatments delivered to their patients. Our rapid endotoxin test methods improve dialysis water testing, decrease testing time, and accelerate production.

The Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ is a rapid, point-of-use, handheld spectrophotometer that can test for bacterial endotoxins directly from dialysis machines at an increased frequency, making the dialysis procedure safer, faster, and easier. Thanks to trainers like Jaye Diaz, the staff at Purple House are able to perform their own real-time endotoxin tests rapidly and at the point of sample collection.


Technician performing assay for host cell proteins (HCPs) in a lab.

Purple House’s mission is to improve the lives of people with renal failure, reunite families, and reduce the impact of kidney disease in our communities. Together, Purple House and Charles River Laboratories help create healthier lives in Australia by providing fast and localized lifesaving dialysis treatments to patients that need it most.

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