Rapid ATP-bioluminescence Detection. Unsurpassed Product Compatibility.

Celsis LumiScreen™ reagents, utilizing the industry gold-standard ATP-bioluminescence detection method, combine the power of a confident presence/absence contamination detection with an impressive compatibility portfolio of sample types.

If no microbial contamination is present, the reaction does not occur and no light is produced, regardless of difficult-to-filter, opaque, or viscous sample types.

Features of Celsis LumiScreen™ Reagents

  • Celsis LumiScreen™ reagents are compatible with Celsis Accel® and Celsis Advance II™ luminometers.
  • Optimized reagent kit sizes and volumes minimize waste and improve reagent consumption efficiency.
  • Leverage the same in-house expertise that produces our industry-leading FDA-licensed Endosafe® reagents, trusted across the pharmaceutical industry.