Environmental Microorganism Database

Any identification system is only as good as the library of information used as the reference. Our validated libraries are renowned for being the most extensive in the industry for environmental microbial contaminants, allowing you to achieve the highest accuracy rate for species identification.

Because we are the industry leader in microbial identification, our scientists have built robust, validated databases that contain the most comprehensive bacterial and fungal entries found in today’s industrial production and research environments, assuring an accurate answer for virtually every sample we sequence.

Leading Technologies

Comparative DNA sequencing of the 16S rDNA gene in bacteria and the ITS2 rDNA region in fungi has been proven to be the most accurate and reproducible method for identifying unknown organisms. The technology is inherently stable, which allows the data to be reproducible. Although the science behind the technology is widely accepted, there are still a number of variables which may impact the implementation and use of this technology to achieve an accurate identification.