IDFP for Filamentous Fungi Identifications

Detection and identification of fungal samples should be part of any pharmaceutical and personal care product manufacturer’s Contamination Control Strategy. Mold poses a risk to manufacturing, the final product, and the patient, and accurate identification results are critical for effective remediation. Conidia ID fungi plates (IDFP) have several advantages over traditional media for filamentous fungi sample preparations and fungal identifications.

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Conidia ID Fungal Plate Technical Information

Learn how appropriate agar plates for fungi affect identification rates.

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Combined with our validated fungal databases for identification and optimized processes, we offer the complete solution for quality control laboratories in pharmaceutical, medical device, personal care, and other industries.

We have partnered with Conidia to allow our customers streamlined access to all necessary resources for fungal identification from one trusted vendor. Using Conidia agar plates for fungi, along with our robust sample preparation protocols, will yield the most accurate identification results.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Agar Plates for Fungi