The AccuBLAST® service enables customers to submit their data files to Charles River for comparison against our best-in-industry Accugenix® sequence libraries. Our expert phylogeneticists will analyze the results and provide their analysis and interpretation in a comprehensive report.

Why Outsource Data Analysis Using Accugenix®

  • Our cGMP-compliant 16S proprietary library database is the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Our library has twice the coverage of other commercially available libraries for organisms encountered in manufacturing environments.
  • We offer expert data analysis, interpretation and report generation.
  • We deliver IDs quickly and accurately.
  • Our trained staff of phylogeneticists have extensive experience and have generated over 500,000 sequence-based reports to date.
  • Our manual data review process affords you with six times improved consensus sequence repeatability over automated processes.

    Order Codes

    Turnaround Time (TAT) Test Code
    Same day AccuBLAST-0
    1 day AccuBLAST-1
    2 days AccuBLAST-2