Bacterial ID with AccuGENX-ID® BacSeq

For many organisms, traditional phenotypic identification is problematic, takes a great amount of time and can result in subjective interpretation of the test results. Not all strains within a given species consistently exhibit a particular characteristic, thereby limiting phenotypic identification methods. Additionally, library databases utilized in support of phenotypic identification are limited.

Our AccuGENX-ID® BacSeq genotypic analysis process adheres to the reference method used by taxonomists because it delivers the most accurate and reliable sequence data for identifications. When this process is combined with the full coverage, validated Accugenix® library, the resulting phylogenic analysis is unparalleled in the industry.


    Order Codes

    Turnaround Time (TAT) Test Code
    Same day BacSeq-0
    1 day BacSeq-1
    2 days BacSeq-2
    5 days BacSeq-5

Protein-Coding Gene Sequencing with AccuGENX-ID® ProSeq

Identification with ProSeq is a highly discriminatory and accurate sequence-based method that can be used to distinguish between very closely related microorganisms to the species level. Resolution is achieved by analyzing protein-coding genes.

If the AccuGENX-ID® report contains a species* confidence level (indicating the identification resolution is to the group or complex level), and we have determined the target gene that can distinguish between the different species in that group of organisms, customers can request our identification with ProSeq service.

Eligible species include Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) among others. Please contact us for a full list of available closely related microorganism groups for species-level identification.


    Order Codes

    Turnaround Time (TAT) Test Code
    1 day PROSEQ-1
    5 days PROSEQ-5

AccuGENX-ID® Identification Report Guide

Use this guide for interpreting bacterial identification (BacSeq) and fungal identification (FunITS) results generated by AccuGENX-ID®.