Microbial Identification Using MALDI-TOF

The MALDI-TOF testing process yields a unique protein spectral fingerprint that is then compared to the Accugenix® validated database for bacterial and yeast identification. The AccuPRO-ID® solution provides higher accuracy rates and faster results, and is a less expensive option for routine monitoring programs.


  • Higher confidence for species-level identifications
  • AccuPRO-ID® identification process is cGMP-compliant
  • Superior performance over existing phenotypic and other MALDI-TOF systems
  • 98% reportable rate
  • Demonstrated improvement in accuracy (30%–40%) over phenotypic ID systems
  • Proven increased reproducibility and repeatability
  • Accugenix® proprietary MALDI-TOF database provides more extensive coverage for EM isolates than any other commercially available MALDI-TOF system

AccuPRO-ID® Identification Report Guide

Use this guide for interpreting identification results generated by AccuPRO-ID®. Download Now