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Our Microbial Solutions site in Dublin, Ireland offers a progressive portfolio of quality control testing solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer care industries to help bring products to market safely and efficiently. Our products and services are designed to streamline workflows and supply chains, ensure the integrity of test data, and allow you to release products with the confidence of total quality control.

Background and Staff

  • Founded in December 2017
  • Microbial Solutions product distribution site within Europe and Asia
  • Approximately 60 employees (with degrees including PhD, DVM, and MSc)


Product and Services Offerings

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    Accugenix® Microbial Identification and Strain Typing [ISO17025]

    • Prototypic identification [MALDI-TOF]
    • Genotypic identification [DNA sequencing]

    Celsis® Rapid Microbial Contamination Detection [ISO9001]

    • Customer evaluation testing, method development, and troubleshooting

    Endosafe® Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

    • Customer evaluation testing, method development, and troubleshooting
    • Release testing of Endosafe® accessories

    Instrument Depot Services [ISO9001]

    • Annual calibration, on-demand service, and repairs for the Endosafe®-PTS™ (PTS100), Endosafe®-MCS™ (MCS100), Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ (PTS150), and Endosafe® nexgen-MCS™ (MCS150) instruments

    Training Lab [ISO9001]

    • Dedicated lab designed to facilitate hands-on LAL training and workshops

Additional Information

  • Compliance, Certifications, Accreditations, and Professional Affiliations

    The Microbial Solution's Dublin facility operates in compliance with the following regulatory agencies or accredited organizations:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 17025 [A2LA accreditation for Accugenix® microbial identification]
  • Quality and Process Initiatives


    • Real-time tracking and trending tools for monitoring manufacturing environments
    • Harmonized global labs applying the same validated methods

    Technical and Instrument Services

    • Our knowledgeable customer service and support teams process orders, provide product and service pricing and availability, and coordinate shipping logistics
    • Our experienced specialists troubleshoot technical issues to improve the compliance and efficiency of your quality control testing programs
  • Achieving Sustainability Through the 3Rs Imperative
    • Reducing the use of animals in pharmaceutical testing is a well-established initiative influencing the industry. The 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) are fundamental principles for driving ethical research, testing, and education using animals. We are firm in our commitment and compliance to the 3Rs initiative, as these principles are being incorporated into legislation, guidelines, and practice.
    • As an LAL manufacturer, Charles River Laboratories has helped alleviate pressures on horseshoe crab populations through conservation and animal welfare practices.
    • We have developed new models and tools based on the latest innovative technologies that use 95% less raw material than traditional endotoxin testing methods through our Endosafe® cartridge technology.