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When everything seems to be changing by the minute, one thing remains the same – your unrelenting commitment to deliver life-saving vaccines and therapies to the world. Your commitment inspires us to match your unrelenting progress, unrelenting science, and unrelenting promise. Let our suite of products and services help you do what you do best – save lives. 

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Unrelenting Progress

To deliver COVID-19 therapies and vaccines, pharma companies have needed to deploy all necessary means to accelerate the development and release of safe, effective drugs to the world.

We provide leading pharmaceutical and COVID-19 therapy developers with a rapid sterility solution and validation support, allowing organizations to offload their validation testing to Charles River Laboratories and implement Celsis® for rapid sterility in less than six months.

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Unrelenting Science

Everywhere you look today, special interest stories and commentary are trying to shape our decisions rather than objective, scientific data. The pharmaceutical industry is no different. 

That’s why our Endosafe® products rely on science and research to deliver the most trusted endotoxin testing solutions in the world, ensuring the safety of millions of patients each year.

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Unrelenting Promise

The COVID-19 pandemic created inspiring partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry, all toward a common goal – to deliver safe and effective COVID-19 therapies and critical pharmaceuticals to the world as quickly and safely as possible.

 Timing was everything, which is why our Accugenix® laboratories worked around the clock, in split shifts and throughout shutdowns, to make sure your microbial identification results were there when you needed them.

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