Laboratory Animal Diagnostics

Our research animal diagnostic services are built on a foundation of contamination prevention measures, effective pathogen detection, and scientific and technical proficiency. Our animal diagnostic laboratory delivers sensitive and specific testing to screen your animal facility, research biologics, and different species of animal models.

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Research Animal Diagnostic Services

  • Health Monitoring Methods

    Screen research samples from the environment with Exhaust Air Dust (EAD®) or environmental PCR testing to reduce or eliminate the need for sentinel animals. Our research animal diagnostic services team will work with you to develop a customized program for your facility.

  • Animal Health Monitoring

    Maintaining healthy animals is crucial to protecting the integrity of your research. Together, we can design a health monitoring program that is customized for your facility and provide the appropriate testing services to help you identify potential health threats within your laboratory animal colonies.

  • Cell Line/Research Biologics Screening

    Research biologics of rodent or human origin are often introduced into research animals as part of an investigative procedure. Screening should be performed to confirm that biologics are free of infectious agents and that they originate from the specified host species.

  • Genetic Testing Services

    Ensure the genetic integrity of your transgenic colonies by using a properly managed genetic testing program. Our geneticists can work with you to provide scientific guidance and consultation in colony management and complex breeding strategies.

  • Microbiology

    Our research animal diagnostic services incorporate MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis for screening bacterial species that are primary pathogens. Screening services are available for multiple species.

  • Microbiome Services

    With a complete diagnostic microbiome services portfolio, we offer multiple robust microbiome screening and analysis options that help ensure and maintain the germ-free health status of your model colonies.

  • Parasitology

    Our research animal diagnostic services offer multiple screening methods for the detection of parasites in rodent, rabbit, and other large animal colonies.

  • Pathology

    Our pathology research animal diagnostic services range from routine diagnostic assessment to pathology support as part of your in-house research studies.

  • PCR Infectious Agent Testing

    We offer TaqMan® PCR testing to identify viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic agents in your animal colonies. 

  • Serology Testing and Reagents

    Our research animal diagnostic services staff will help you set up a serology testing program, train your staff, and provide serology reagents for infectious agent testing.


Laboratory Testing Management (LTM™)

Our online data management platform, Laboratory Testing Management® (LTM™), allows clients to manage workflow, track order status, and review results with ease. This secure, web-based portal provides users with 24/7 access to create orders, print forms, and perform other administrative tasks. An easy-to-use dashboard allows them to see snapshot of past, current and future orders, common requests and alerts.

Submit research animal diagnostic samples through LTM

An Easier Way to Submit Your Samples

Our Laboratory Testing Management® platform is a convenient solution for researchers looking to streamline their sample submissions, order tracking, and results reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Research Animal Diagnostic Services