Effective pathogen detection is best achieved through the use of multiple testing modalities at various levels within a research animal facility. Our goal is to identify and incorporate the most analytically sensitive and specific technologies in order to provide the most accurate and reproducible results.

Driven by an internal R&D team, our laboratory continually broadens the scope of our services in order to offer traditional health surveillance testing or alternative sentinel-free testing through sensitive and specific PCR technology.

Service Description

Outbreak Management

  • First time positive alerts (LTM™)
  • Confirmatory testing
  • Extent of contamination

Our outbreak management procedure includes alerting you of the positive result, as well as outlining a plan for confirmatory testing and contamination assessment.

Animal Health Surveillance

We offer several levels of health surveillance testing designed to fit your needs. By incorporating multiple analytically sensitive and specific technologies, you can feel confident that you will receive accurate and reproducible results.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring provides a proactive approach to maintaining biosecurity at the material (e.g., feed, bedding, water, equipment) and facility level. Our laboratory utilizes PCR and microbiology methodology to identify pathogens within your laboratory animal facility.

Cell Line and Research Biologics Screening

  • Rodent infectious agents, including Mycoplasma
  • Human infectious agents
  • Interspecies contamination
  • Sterility

Our laboratory can perform precautionary screening of your biologics to confirm that they are free of infectious agents prior to utilization in research.