Rabbit Diagnostic Testing Services

Charles River offers health monitoring (HM) protocols on rabbits for both routine surveillance and for diagnosis of diseases (pathology services). Our protocols include pathology, serology, microbiology, parasitology, and PCR infectious agent testing. Whole animals can be submitted for a HM protocol – samples will be collected in our necropsy laboratory and will be screened for the presence of infectious agents.

Our health monitoring services are fully customizable to meet your specific program requirements.


Rabbit HM Protocols

Protocol Serology Microbiology
(Upper respiratory & gastrointestinal tracts)
(Endoparasite & ectoparasite exams)
(Necropsy with histology of lesions; Brain, kidney and lungs are collected and screened)
HM Basic None
HM Standard Standard
HM Assessment Assessment
Custom Fully customizable protocols are available for any species upon request.