Simian (NHP) Diagnostic Testing Services

Early and accurate detection of an animal’s inadvertent exposure to infectious agents as the result of a comprehensive simian health monitoring program is important for maintaining the overall health status of your nonhuman primate (NHP) colonies.

It is also critical for tracking the spread of disease and containing an outbreak, if one were to occur. The introduction of unintended infections in your large animal colonies could cause a problem for your research, whether it be from health issues or altering the final outcome of results.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic testing services to complement your simian health monitoring program for both pre-export testing and routine health monitoring of NHP research colonies. Please note that these testing services are available for body fluid/tissue samples only (no live large animal submissions).

By partnering with us, you'll obtain:

  • Quick and dependable turnaround times
  • Reliable, professional results (exportable report formats)
  • Consistent results from initial animal screening to pre-study screening
  • Free confirmation of initial positive or equivocal serology and/or PCR findings by the same method
  • LTM™ provides a free history of your colony records to compare recent outbreaks

NHP Health Monitoring Services

  • Simian Health Monitoring Services

    Below is just a sample of the simian health monitoring services we offer:

    • NHP diagnostic services available for collected body fluids/tissue samples only (no live large animals accepted)
    • Multiple serology profile options, including TB and COVID multiplex panels
    • SIV, STLV, B-Virus, and SRV serology include multiple assays (both whole viral lysates and highly purified recombinant antigens)
    • Validated blood and fecal PCR assays/panels available for zoonotic, opportunistic, and pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and viruses
    • Microbiological cultures available for Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, and Yersinia (old and new world)
    • Pooled* sample submission (up to 10 Remel swabs) per PCR test
    • A, B, AB, and O blood typing available
    • Customized histopathology
    • Parasitology (ova and cysts of endoparasites)
    • Flexible and customizable program options
  • Qualification Reports
    • Nonhuman Primate Magnetic Bead MFIA® Qualification
    • MFIA® Covid-Plex Report
    • Nonhuman Primate Tuberculosis MFIA® Qualification
    • Qualification of the Charles River HemaTIP™ Microsampler for NHP Serology
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Once your simian health monitoring protocols are in place and you're are ready to submit your diagnostic samples, you can use our Laboratory Testing Management® (LTM™) online data platform to manage your workflow, track the status of orders, and review results. This secure, web-based portal provides users with 24/7 access to free shipping and sample collection supplies.

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