We offer comprehensive diagnostic testing services for both pre-export testing and health monitoring of your nonhuman primate (NHP) colonies. Please note that these testing services are available for samples only.

Our health monitoring services are fully customizable to meet your specific program requirements.


Nonhuman Primate Tests

SerologyMolecular PCRMicrobiology
Macaque TrackingBlood PCR PanelSimian Cultures
Macaque AssessmentBlood PCR Panel (Custom)Salmonella (SAL)
Baboon TrackingBlood PCR (Single Agent)Salmonella, Shigella
African Green TrackingFecal PCR PanelCampylobacter
Flavivirus Serology ProfileFlavivirus PCR PanelYersinia
Custom Profile*Fecal PCR (Custom)Custom
 Fecal PCR (Single Agent) 
Our laboratory is capable of performing blood typing of your nonhuman primate colonies.

In addition to the above tests, Charles River offers the following services for nonhuman primate samples:

  • Combination panel (serology* and PCR)
  • Customized histopathology
  • Parasitology (ova and cysts of endoparasites)

* Service available for Old World species only.