Maintain Genetic Integrity of Your Transgenic Colony

It’s been known for transgenic animals to lose phenotype from one breeding colony to the next. Can you afford to lose valuable research and time due to loss of phenotype? Ensure the genetic integrity of your transgenic colonies is upheld by using a properly managed genetic testing program that can provide scientific expertise with 99% accuracy. Our expert geneticists can work with you to provide scientific guidance and consultation in colony management and complex breeding strategy.

Charles River maintains genetic testing labs in the US and Europe.

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To learn more about our genetic testing services, download our overview sheet.

Sample Submission

Our Laboratory Testing Management® (LTM™) program provides free shipping of genetic testing samples via LTM™ Ship.* This convenient, easy-to-use shipping solution operates with all major shipping providers utilizing automated order tracking, allowing for easy online tracking of sample submissions.

* Available in continental US only. For European and other global clients, please contact us to discuss our convenient shipping options.