Assay development and genetic quality control (GQC) work in conjunction to help identify contamination early and keep your lines in check. Assays are custom designed based on the information you provide to ensure specificity of allele detection and accurate genotype determinations. Each protocol is reviewed by our expert team of scientists. Our scientists will work with you to help resolve any issues and deploy new breeding strategies to overcome any challenges that may arise.

Service Support Your Research
Assay development We design and validate new assays to evaluate the effects of chemical compounds. The results lead to probes that can help further your research.
Assay validation We provide thorough information through gel images, primer, probe, and sequencing information after an assay has been developed and validated.
Colony management A properly managed transgenic colony is important to the success of your study. We offer colony management consultations for conditional targeted mutations.
Genetic quality control (GQC) We can help ensure the specificity of allele detection and accurate genotype determinations through our genetic quality control consultations.