Rodent Infectious Agents

Lab animal infectious agent PCR testing is used to identify viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic agents in your animal colonies. Services are available for screening colony animals directly, indirect screening via environmental sampling or exhaust air dust (EAD™) testing, and screening cell lines and research biologics.

PCR assays are available as panels that cover all commonly excluded or reported pathogens. However, panel customization and single agent testing are available.


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Direct Animal Sampling and Exhaust Air Dust (EAD®)

Direct animal sampling detects viruses, bacteria, and parasites in animals by screening noninvasive samples with a PRIA panel. EAD® service detects viruses, bacteria, and parasites by screening ventilated caging systems. Additionally, this method overcomes the known limitations of soiled-bedding sentinels for detecting certain rodent infectious agents.

PRIA® Panels – Direct Animal, EAD®


Rodent and Rabbit Infectious Agent Technical Information

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Lab Animal Infectious Agent Testing