Using a new testing laboratory should not be difficult. Getting started with Laboratory Testing Management® (LTM™), our digital data management platform, is fast and easy as outlined in the steps below. If you have any questions, contact [email protected], and our dedicated team of experts is happy to help.

    • First time submitting samples? Complete our Customer Information Form and the account will be assigned a unique LTM™ Customer ID.
    • Each person who will submit samples or receive results should register for LTM™ User Access; please reference your LTM™ Customer ID (either provided after account setup or it can be found on the top corner of your Results Report).
    • Familiarize yourself with LTM™ by reviewing our LTM™ how-to videos and user guides.
    • Log in to LTM™ to request free sample collection/shipping supplies at least one week prior to sample collection.
    • Create your order/submission form and print sample labels by logging into LTM™.
    • Print your free shipping label using LTM™ Ship (U.S. shipments only; live animal shipments excluded)
    • Pack samples for shipment and include a hardcopy of the submission form.
    • Drop off samples with your preferred carrier for shipment to the testing laboratory (address is shown on the submission form).
    • Track shipment/sample progress in LTM™.
    Service Turnaround Time
    Whole Animal Health Monitoring 5-7 days*
    Serology 2-3 days
    Infectious Agent PCR (PRIA) 3 days
    Infectious Agent PCR (nonhuman primate, cell line testing) 4 days
    Microbiology Cultures 5 days**
    Genetic Testing (PCR, qPCR, SNP) 5 days***
    Genetic Testing (MAX-BAX®) 15 days

    * Allow additional time if histology is required/requested.
    ** Allow additional time if antibiotic sensitivities are requested.
    *** Allow additional time if assay transfer/validation is required.

    • Results are sent via email and are archived online in LTM™.
    • Questions about your results or follow-up testing? Our professional staff team is here to assist; contact [email protected].
    • Invoice will be sent following completion of testing.