Answers to Common LTM™ Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about LTM™. If you do not find the answer to your question in the information shown below, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Why should I use LTM™? How do I get started?

    LTM™ has been designed to be easy-to-use, so it will help you to streamline your sample submission and result reporting and tracking processes. To get you started, we created some how-to videos; continue to check back as we will be building the video portfolio. Also, visit the catalog and begin searching; you will be prompted to apply for an account once you begin to create an order.

  • What is my LTM™ username?

    Your username is the email address associated with your account. Your password is chosen by you when you activate your account.

  • I am not a native English speaker. Is LTM™ available in other languages?

    LTM™ is available in multiple languages: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish. On any screen in LTM™, you can instantly change the language by clicking “Language” in the upper right corner and selecting of your choice from the dropdown box.

  • Does LTM™ work with all web browsers?

    LTM™ is optimized for multiple web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher). If you are using the LTM™ Lab function to manage your in-house laboratory testing, we suggest that you use Chrome or Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher).

  • What is the definition for each "Order Status" shown on the Orders page?
    • Draft (grey): Order is partially created but not yet scheduled.
    • Inactivated (black): Order was inactivated after it was in Draft form, Requested or Scheduled. Once an order is Received, it can only be inactivated by contacting the testing laboratory.
    • Requested (bright blue): The testing laboratory must accept requests for live animal submissions prior to receipt of the animal. Once an order is created for a live animal submission, it appears on a list for review and confirmation by the testing laboratory; during this period, the order appears as the Requested status. Once the laboratory has confirmed that the order can be accept on the chosen day, the status will change to Scheduled and you will receive email notification. If the laboratory cannot accept the live animals on that day, a mutually agreed upon date will be determined.
    • Scheduled (light blue): Order has been created and scheduled arrival date is in the future. For live animal submissions, the order has been created and the scheduled arrival date was requested and accepted by the testing laboratory.
    • Late (orange): Order was created and the scheduled arrival date is in the past (i.e., samples have not been received by the testing laboratory and the scheduled date has passed).
    • Arrived & Received, Arrived, Received (light green): Order has arrived or has been received by the testing laboratory.
    • Overdue (purple): The order has been received by the testing laboratory but results have not been approved within the standard results turnaround time.
    • Approved (dark green): Testing associated with the order was completed and results have been approved.