Endo- and Ectoparasite Screening Services

Endo- and ectoparasites continue to be a significant concern for laboratory animal facilities. Charles River offers multiple screening methods for the detection of parasites in rodent, rabbit, and large animal colonies.

Samples (e.g., feces, swabs, tapes) collected at your facility can be submitted directly to our laboratory for testing. We can also work directly with you to develop a testing regimen that supplements your health monitoring program.


Sample Type Screening Method
  • Fecal concentration centrifugation (FCC)
  • Cryptosporidium (PCR)
  • Giardia (G. lamblia, G. muris; PCR)
  • Spironucleus muris (PCR)
Fur swab*
  • Fur mite (PCR)
Feces, anal and/or fur swab*
  • Custom rodent parasitology PCR panel
  • Tape test for ectoparasites
  • Tape test for endoparasites
Live animal
  • Direct exam for ectoparasites
  • Direct exam for endoparasites
  • Wet mount for protozoan
* Up to 8 samples for FCC or 10 samples for PCR can be pooled and tested as a single group with one result report.