Sample Submission

Our online data management platform, Laboratory Testing Management® (LTM™), gives you the ability to generate submission forms electronically as well as schedule your samples for submission. By creating orders ahead of time in LTM™, our laboratory will know when to expect your samples for testing, and you can track your samples online throughout the entire testing process.

Complimentary sample shipping supplies (e.g., swabs, vials) are available for genetic testing services, serology, infectious disease PCR (including PRIA® PCR), microbiology, and histology, as well as live-animal shipping crates for health monitoring. Request Supplies

Shipping Information

You can use LTM™ Ship to receive free shipping on diagnostic and genetic testing samples (excluding live animals) in the continental U.S.

For European and other global clients, please contact us to discuss our convenient shipping options and review the applicable information below prior to sending animals or samples to ensure proper and timely international shipment to the United States.

If you are not using LTM™, please download and complete the appropriate form and place it in the shipping box with your samples. Prior to shipping live animals, review the Animal Safety Checklist and take the necessary steps to ship them properly.