Serology Testing

Using Multiplexed Fluorometric ImmunoAssay® (MFIA®), Charles River's primary serology testing method, allows our lab to test multiple strains of a single pathogen as well as incorporate system and sample suitability controls for increased sensitivity and accuracy.

Available profiles include mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, gerbil, simian, custom profile, and single agent assay upon request.

Sample Collection

Collecting blood for serology testing from research animals can be a challenging process that leads to increased stress in your animal. Exclusive to Charles River, our HemaTIP™ microsampler simplifies this process by placing the collection media on the tip of an easy-to-hold stylus.

Serology Reagents

We provide serology reagents for infectious agent testing for use in your in-house laboratory. Our technical staff will help you set up your serology testing program, train your staff and provide continuing support with troubleshooting and results interpretation. Reagents are available for MFIA®, ELISA, and IFA.