EZ-Spot®, our dry whole blood spot sample collection method, is available as an alternative to submitting mouse or rat serum for serology testing.*

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EZ-Spot® is simply another option for sample collection; Charles River Research Animal Diagnostic Services will continue to accept vials with serum samples diluted 1 part serum into 4 parts phosphate buffered saline, as well as dried blood samples using the HemaTIP™ microsampler.


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  • Collect a minimum of 25uL volume of whole blood using the method with which you are most comfortable.
    • One drop of blood is approximately 25uL and will fill the entire spot circle (10mm in diameter).
    • Blood can be spotted directly from the animal onto the EZ-Spot® card or drawn into a heparinized capillary tube as the intermediary step. Also, whole blood collected in EDTA can be spotted directly onto the cards. For terminal bleeds via cardiac puncture, blood can be spotted directly from the syringe tip onto the EZ-Spot® card.
  • To add sample identification information, simply write on the card cover or affix label(s).
  • Prior to folding the card cover, allow the blood to dry on the card for 1 hour.
  • Once dry, fold the card cover, place in a zip-top bag with desiccant (provided) and hold at room temperature or store at 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Place zip-top bag(s) in small shipping box (provided) and ship at ambient temperature using a commercial carrier (e.g., FedEx, UPS) to Charles River Research Animal Diagnostic Services. Please include a completed sample submission form.

* Under license from IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.; www.idexx.com/patents