Germ-Free Mice: Models, Products, and Services

Germ-free mice are essential to microbiome research and the production of specific pathogen-free (SPF) rodent models. Research into the role of microbiota in health and disease has increased during the past decade due to the development of genetically engineered mutant animal models.

C57BL/6-germ-free mouse models may be used as embryo transfer recipients or foster dams for germ-free rederivation of mutant mouse models. In addition, these models may be compared to SPF or Elite (opportunistic pathogen-free) B6N mice to generally assess the relationship between microbiota and phenotypes.

Screen Your Germ-Free Colony

research animals ready for screeningWe make it easy for you to assess the biodiversity of bacterial composition of your animal colony and research experiment.

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Germ-Free Mouse Colony Health Screening

Our C57BL/6 germ-free colonies are monitored for extraneous bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. Our microbial cultures can confirm the absence of bacteria in samples from germ-free mice.

If bacterial growth is detected, we work to identify the bacteria and assist in preventing the same agent form showing up in the future. Aerobic and anaerobic cultures of samples obtained from an isolator environment, individual cages, and directly from colony animals are comprehensive, accurate, and sensitive enough to detect infectious agents.

Our health monitoring experts are available to provide guidance on establishing a germ-free assessment program specific to your colony and research, and custom test panels can be developed to suit your specific needs.

Germ-Free Isolator Housing

animal technician working with germ-free mouse models in isolator housing

Special environmental housing conditions help to support animal research with immunocompromised and C57BL/6 germ-free models as well as gnotobiotic, microbiome, and microbial studies. Isolators are used for house and production of immunodeficient, germ-free, transgenic, axenic, and defined flora rodents and gnotobiotic animals.

Our engineering department develops isolators and devises customer-specific solutions when needed. Each product addresses personal safety, and animal welfare.

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