Genetically Engineered Mice & Rats

With decades of experience and the largest network of vivariums in the world, we take pride in our ability to offer an unparalleled selection of genetically engineered animals and services to meet the unique needs of your program. Our full-service portfolio includes custom breeding, embryology, genetic testing, drug discovery, and safety assessment services. Additionally, through our collaboration with genOway, we offer knockout mouse models for use in in vivo studies.

Services for Genetically Engineered Animals

  • Rat & Mouse Colony Management

    Our full service, colony management program for genetically engineered animals delivers animals when you need them. Services include breeding and animal holding, quarantine, IVF expansion, line recovery, and speed congenics.

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  • Transgenic Mouse & Rat Model Creation

    Generate and distribute transgenic lines using CRISPR/Cas9. Gene editing, custom RNAi, ES cell mutagenesis, knockin and knockout, and microinjections are some of the services offered for model creation of mice and rats.

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  • Genetic Testing Services

    Maintain genetic integrity by using a genetic testing program. Geneticists provide guidance and consultation for colony management and breeding strategy. Genotyping, assay development, and background characterization are some of the core services offered.

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  • Embryology

    Embryology services ensure the access to original stock, no matter the circumstance. Cryopreservation, rederivation, colony development, and line rescue are just a few of the options that provide an alternative to maintaining live animals for strains that are not being used, but may be needed in the future.

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  • Rapid Colony Development

    Speed up the process of establishing animal colonies. Using IVF, a small colony of animals can generate hundreds or thousands of animals to create a study-ready colony.

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  • Animal Quarantine

    Assess animal health status and guard against facility contamination. Isolator-based animal quarantine allows for direct acceptance of genetically engineered animals from any institution, regardless of their health status.

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  • Line Rescue

    Our line rescue services can diagnose, plan, and recover breeding colonies, allowing research and breeding to continue.

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  • Project Management

    The project management program includes a dedicated project manager for every project to understand it’s unique goals and challenges. Additional support from veterinarians, geneticists, embryologists, and other dedicated scientists is available, along with access to an online colony management system for real-time data.

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Rodent model genetic quality control guidebook for genetic monitoring

New Guidebook: Rodent Model Genetic Quality Control

Managing a genetically engineered rodent colony is not so simple. Get our new guidebook to obtain sound advice on colony management, genetic monitoring and embryology techniques required to protect your research.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Genetically Engineered Animals