Embryology Services for Research Animals

Our embryology services ensure that no matter the circumstances, you maintain the ability to access your original stock and continue to pursue your research efforts. These options provide an alternative to maintaining live animals for strains that are not currently being used, but may be needed in the future.   


Service Description
Model Creation Select, customize, create, and maintain the right model for studies using the latest technology.
Cryopreservation Backup live animal colonies or store lines that are not actively being used. Recover cryopreserved stocks in as little as 10-12 weeks.
Rederivation Rederivation services remove organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites from your mice and rats. 
Rapid Colony Development Generates dozens of animals to breed or study in as little as 12-15 weeks.
Line Rescue Diagnose, plan, and recover breeding colonies when they stop producing due to age, phenotype, physical handicap and or genetics.
MEA Testing Screen media and materials for toxicity using mouse embryo assay (MEA).