MEA Testing

Our high-throughput embryology laboratory offers the mouse embryo assay (MEA) to screen media and materials for toxicity prior to lot release. The MEA is currently the most widely used bioassay to test for toxicity and functionality of media and materials.

We can perform these assays seven days a week, enabling quick turnaround time. As with all of our services, our MEA testing is supported by a vast network of PhD-level scientists to ensure accurate, high-quality results.


The MEA is used for toxicity and functionality testing of media, labware, disposables or any device which may come into contact with gametes or embryos.


  • Fresh or frozen one- or two-cell embryos from a cross between B6D2F1/Crl x B6C3F1/Crl
  • A minimum of 25 embryos per test article and 25 control embryos
  • Assessment of embryos at 72, 96 or 120 hours; minimum of 80% blastocyst development required for passing test
  • Repeat testing performed after failure at no charge
  • Sample receipt 7 days a week; testing typically completed within 7 days
  • General protocols consist of exposing test article to embryos through wash or long-term culture. Disposables, labware or devices are typically flushed with media prior to setting up culture drops for long-term culture.

The information above is only a guideline. Individual testing protocols can be established to suit your specific requirements.