Animal Colony Management

Need to eliminate time-consuming phone calls and emails without sacrificing control over your valuable animal colonies? Our Internet Colony Management (ICM™) system provides researchers and laboratory personnel 24-hour access to manage their animal colonies and data from anywhere in the world. You can review real-time data captured cageside and direct action within your colony, while your project team at Charles River provides responsive support every step of the way.

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ICM™ benefits include:

  • Two-way, real-time communication ensures data accuracy and project goal alignment
  • Secure online storage of project information and documentation simplifies record keeping
  • Extensive filtering and sorting features let you find the data you need quickly
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started

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How-To Videos

Our self-service demo videos allow you to explore our user-friendly ICM™ system, experiencing firsthand how it can streamline breeding and colony management workloads.