RNAi-mediated Gene Silencing

Charles River offers potent, inducible, and reversible RNAi-mediated gene silencing for your gene of interest in mouse models. Our state-of-the-art microinjection services transform custom ES cells into your in vivo research model in about 12 weeks.

Advantages of RNAi Mice

  • Speed

    Custom RNAi mice are usually available within 24 weeks of project initiation. When validated shRNAs are already available for your gene of interest, RNAi mice are available sooner.

  • Complexity

    Multiple genes may be targeted directly in embryonic stem cells, followed by mouse generation, making very complex genetic modifications possible more quickly and reducing breeding time and costs.

  • Flexibility

    Controlling the timing and duration of gene suppression through a TET-inducible system allows increased flexibility in experimental design.

  • Expanded Gene Targets

    The inducible and reversible nature of gene suppression allows genes to be manipulated in vivo.

  • Recapitulation

    Suppressing gene function, as opposed to a complete knockout, more closely mimics the activity of small-molecule agonists.

Timeline for RNAi Production Method

Estimated timeline: 6 – 7.5 months

  • 0-month mark ►Project initiation
  • 3-month mark ►Generation of potent shRNAs
  • 5-month mark ►Generation and validation of target RNAi ES cell lines
  • 6-month mark ►Generation of ES cell-derived RNAi mice

RNAi ES Injection

The RNAi ES technique follows the generation of potent RNAs. This material is implanted into embryonic stem cells, which are then implanted into the foster female.

  • Package I
    • Generation of potent shRNAs
    • Injection into ~ 80 embryos
    • Reimplantation into VAF/Elite® foster female
    • Husbandry and weaning
    • VAF/Elite® health report

    Delivery of chimeric mice

  • Package II

    Includes package I services and:

    • Breeding to F1 generation
    • Sample collection and screening up to 40 mice

    Delivery of heterozygous F1 mice


Supplemental Services

Charles River’s model creation services are enhanced by a comprehensive portfolio of support services in embryology (e.g., cryopreservation, microinjection), genetic testing and breeding that can protect the long-term integrity of valuable mouse model lines.