Creating and Maintaining Transgenic and Knockout Rat Models

The rat model has long been a model favored by physiologists, pharmacologists, and neuroscientists due to the many physiological similarities with humans. Its larger size allows for certain experiments and surgical procedures as well as the monitoring of physiological parameters which are not achievable using mouse models. In some cases the knockout rat model offers a better clinical characterization approach.

Rodent model genetic quality control guidebook for genetic monitoring

New Guidebook: Rodent Model Genetic Quality Control

Managing a genetically engineered rodent colony is not so simple. Get our new guidebook to obtain sound advice on colony management, genetic monitoring and embryology techniques required to protect your research.

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Services Offered for Knockout Rats

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Transgenic and Knockout Rats


*CRISPR/CAS9 used under licenses to granted and pending US and international patents from The Broad Institute and ERS Genomics Limited.


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