Lab Animals Pre-Fed Specialized Diets

Animals available from Charles River can be pre-fed specialized diets to induce obesity, hypertension, or stroke. Additionally, customers have the option to receive biospecimens (e.g., tissue, organs, serum) from animals that have been fed a custom diet.

Commonly Requested Diets

Our most commonly requested diets are shown in the chart below.

Diet Description Typical Use
D12450B Rodent diet with 10 kcal% Fat (low fat) Control
D12451 Rodent diet with 45 kcal% Fat (high fat, lard) Metabolic disease
D12492 Rodent diet with 60 kcal% Fat (very high fat, lard) Metabolic disease
D12266B Purified rodent diet to match condensed milk diet (high fat, corn oil, butter, sucrose) Metabolic disease

Diet-Induced Obesity (DIO)

Obesity models are used to study metabolic disorders. Diet-induced obesity (DIO) is one of the models for obesity research. We have multiple DIO models available. The most common DIO models requested are C57BL/6 mice, CD® IGS rats, ZSF1 Obese and ZSF1 Lean rats, and Obese Prone (OP-CD) and Obese Resistant (OR-CD) rats. We can prepare and customize DIO models to meet your needs.

Special Diet Conditioning

Charles River can work with Research Diets, Inc. and other diet manufacturers to create a custom diet to meet your research requirements, such as the custom diet shown below.

Diet Description Typical Use
D13022002 Open standard diet with 15 kcal% fat and 0.5% cholesterol (low fat, high cholesterol) Hypercholesterolemia/hamsters

To speak to a specialist regarding your requirements, contact us at 1.800.338.9680 or [email protected].