The Charles River surgical team will work closely with you to develop and/or establish new surgical models or modify existing models to meet your needs. Our process for new model development has two phases. In Phase 1, we complete an in-house evaluation to make sure the animals will recover appropriately from the surgery. In Phase 2, we do the surgery and ship the animals to your site to make sure they will tolerate shipping.

The steps involved in new surgical model development include:

  • Preparation and approval of IACUC protocol.
  • Phase 1 in-house study.
  • Summary of Phase 1 results shared with you and IACUC.
  • After IACUC approval (based on Phase 1 study), Phase 2 study and shipping completed. Phase 1 may be repeated with IACUC approval.
  • Investigator feedback report provided to the Charles River team and the IACUC.
  • If Phase 1 and Phase 2 results are satisfactory, we will prepare a process protocol for the new surgical rodent model.
  • Production of the new surgical model begins after process protocol approval.

Depending on the complexity and difficulty of the new surgical model, our Phase 1 process can take 4-8 weeks, and Phase 1 and Phase 2 together can take 2-4 months. Charles River may request to share the cost of development.