For more than 40 years, Charles River has been designing animal housing equipment with these necessities in mind. Today, our engineering department develops isolators and devises customer-specific solutions when needed. Each product addresses personal safety, animal welfare, and respect for the environment as primary objectives.


Our custom fabricated isolators are secure, durable and easy to set up in any conditioned environment. Available isolators include:

  • 3', 6', and 8' semi-rigid isolators
  • 3' and 6' flexible film isolators
  • 4' semi-rigid poultry isolator

Typical uses for isolators include:

  • Animal quarantine
  • Housing and production of immunodeficient animals
  • Maintenance of foundation colonies of genetically engineered animals

Isolators also provide a cost-effective method of biocontainment or bioexclusion for critical research studies. Our isolators can be connected together and used as a procedure isolator.