Charles River has partnered with HemaCare, a leading global provider of biological blood products and services with 40 years of experience, to offer our new NCG/PBMC Select Humanization Kit. Now you have the ability to create your own humanized model on your own timeline.

Note: Available for North American customers only; ordering cells requires a corresponding order for NCG mice.

Kit Advantages

  • Study ready – Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) have already been pretested for engraftment in the NCG mouse model.
  • Efficient – Cells have been prescreened, thus eliminating the time and labor associated with donor qualification, which can accelerate results and also increase probability of successful engraftment.
  • Flexible – The NCG mouse model can be humanized according to your study timelines.
  • Trusted source – This kit is the product of a partnership between industry leaders with 100 years of combined experience in providing high-quality research animal models and human biologics to the research industry.


* This pricing is subject to our General Terms & Conditions of Sale.

Ordering Process

Orders for the NCG/PBMC Select Humanization Kit can be placed directly with Charles River at 1-800-LABRATS (1-800-522-7287) or can be emailed to [email protected]. Each kit order contains two parts: an order for NCG mice and another for enough PBMCs to engraft the NCG mice at the recommended dose (amount of cells).

As institutions may have different purchasing procedures, we are providing the steps below to assist you in the ordering process and ensure timely delivery of both kit components.