Safety Assessment

In this unprecedented climate of change and uncertainty, we in the research community are faced with all new challenges. Now more than ever, we know our work must continue for the patients who are waiting for new therapies. That’s why our global network is prepared and equipped. The Safety Assessment team is working together to prioritize all research on COVID-19 and our global footprint and deep scientific network can help your development plans to remain on track regardless of the challenges you are facing.

From complete IND-enabling programs to stand-alone assessments, our Safety Assessment team provides a full range of in vivo and in vitro testing services and regulatory support to comply with worldwide regulatory restrictions for the nonclinical development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and animal health products as well as chemicals, agrochemicals, and biocides. Our scientific and regulatory staff work with clients to develop and execute individual studies or customized testing programs to ensure that drug safety and efficacy assessments are conducted in the most efficient manner. 

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With continual improvement of our global research processes, exceptionally high standards for our scientific teams, and our state-of-the-art preclinical facilities, we're focused on expediting research programs, drug discovery/lead candidate selection, and preclinical drug development through our Global Process Adoption Initiative. Click on the icons below to browse our services.

2019 American College of Toxicology Annual Meeting Resources

The American College of Toxicology is a society of professionals from industry, government, and academia that exchanges of information and perspectives on safety assessment and new developments related to applied toxicology. Charles River was proud to support the ACT with numerous sessions, CE courses, and posters.

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Medical Devices Studies

Charles River offers an integrated approach to medical device studies with a commitment to scientific excellence, an appreciation of client-specific, and an understanding of regulatory considerations. The medical device industry is highly regulated and requires quality systems to be assessed for products to be manufactured.

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