Safety Assessment

From complete IND-enabling programs to stand-alone assessments, our Safety Assessment team provides a full range of in vivo and in vitro testing services and regulatory support to comply with worldwide regulatory restrictions for the nonclinical development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and animal health products as well as chemicals, agrochemicals, and biocides. Our scientific and regulatory staff work with clients to develop and execute individual studies or customized testing programs to ensure that drug safety and efficacy assessments are conducted in the most efficient manner.

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Full-Service Audits at Your Fingertips

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our industry to think differently about how we work and change the status quo, emphasizing the importance of evolving programs with agility and flexibility. To that end, one process that can absolutely evolve and meet the needs brought on by this new landscape is the QA facility qualification or data audits conducted by sponsors for their contracted or outsourced work.

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Can my Research Continue?

Simply, yes. From virtual consultations and digital resources to fully operational facilities, our team has what you need to move forward.

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Interchangeability of Southeast Asian Sourced Large Animals and Managing Supply

When you work with a CRO, you shouldn’t have to worry about the sourcing of animals on study. In our latest webinar, our experts discuss the origins and traits of large animals and share how Charles River works to maintain a steady supply to support your development programs. Log into The Source to view the recording.

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